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Kitchen Exhaust Vent Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Vent Hood Cleaning Services

Your Kitchen Exhaust System is a vital part of your restaurant operation and must be maintained per NFPA 96 Standards. Without proper maintenance, your kitchen exhaust system may harbor hazardous conditions resulting in fires, property damage, or serious injury. With a 24/7 Emergency Response Team and professionally trained staff on call, Pro-Tech Facility Restoration will ensure you are compliant with your local Fire Marshal and Insurance requirements. In addition to Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services, Pro-Tech also offers Full-Service Kitchen Exhaust System Repair / Maintenance services. With no hassle auto-scheduling and detailed photo reports, Pro-Tech has got you covered!

Kitchen Equipment & Floor Cleaning

Kitchen Equipment & Floor Cleaning Services

It may be difficult to find the time to perform a thorough Kitchen Equipment Cleaning, especially if you are a high traffic cooking operation. Pro-Tech provides Deep Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Services to be performed in congruence with Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning. Pro-Tech technicians will disassemble your Kitchen Equipment and clean hard to reach areas. Technicians will also clean kitchen walls, ceiling tiles, and floors. We understand your needs so that you can focus on more important matters.

Fan Hinge Kit

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation Services

Installation of Exhaust Fan Hinges are vital in prolonging the life of your fans. If your fan does not open with a hinge, it must be physically lifted off of your roof curb to be cleaned. This may cause damage to your fan housing / brackets as well as throw off the balance of your fan blades. Also, the wires / conduits that power your fan may be too short causing further difficulties. Exhaust Fan Hinges allow your Fan to be opened effortlessly, keeping all components safe during removal. Installing fan hinges are a smart, inexpensive investment and highly recommended.

Duct Access Panel

Duct Access Panel Installation

It is important to thoroughly clean your Kitchen Exhaust Hood System, specifically the ducts, to ensure grease is not creating a blockage and causing inefficient ventilation / fire hazard. In some instances, your Ducts will make 45 / 90 degree bends making them inaccessible. It is necessary to install Access Panels in order to reach these areas. Our trained technicians will professionally locate and install fire-rated access panels to ensure that your entire system is completely
accessible / serviceable.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Concrete Deep Steam Pressure Washing

After being exposed to the elements, your concrete surfaces may accumulate gum spots, oil spills, dirt and tire markings. When your concrete surfaces are maintained properly, they can make an impactful improvement on your facilities overall image. Ask us about our Deep Steam Pressure Washing Services!

Dumpster Enclosure

Grease Trap & Dumpster Area Cleaning Services

Your Grease Trap and Dumpster Enclosure are High Traffic areas that can quickly become a problem if they are not maintained properly. These areas may become overrun with trash, debris, and grease, creating foul odor and pests. Pro-Tech technicians can thoroughly Deep Steam Pressure Wash your Dumpster Area to ensure your restaurant is clean and protected. Ask us about adding this service onto your next Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service!

Grease Containment

Grease Containment System & Services

Grease Containment Systems are necessary to protect one of your most valuable assets; your roof. When containment systems fail, grease will overflow onto your roof damaging it severely. Pro-Tech technicians will analyze and install Grease Containment Systems best suited for your Kitchen Exhaust. Finding the right solution will pay dividends over the long haul as you protect yourself from costly roof repairs. Ask us about our Grease Containment Maintenance Services!

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial Oven Cleaning Services

If your cooking operation utilizes Commercial Ovens, you may already be aware how important it is to disassemble and reassemble the components the correct way. Failing to do so will cause your oven to behave erratically. Pro-Tech technicians are fully trained to ensure that your ovens are cleaned and put back together so that your cooking operations can start without a hitch.

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